• Serenita


    Nature's Getaway

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An unexpected guest.

Our little visitor overcomes her fears of humans when it comes to snacktime.

A breakfast by the lake

Breakfast fit for a King and Queen.

Our Nocturnal Visitors

Rocky Raccoon loves to come by for a little munchie!

A home filled with love

This log home was built in 1930.

Quebec's native Black Bear

We arrange bear watching tours.
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  • immersion

    Located in the heart of the Mauricie region, Serenita is surrounded by forest, rivers and a beautiful lake. Come enjoy all the activities we have to offer in a peaceful and tranquil environment. .
  • Breathtaking

    There are no words to describe the beauty of the region: every landscape is a poem, every moment is magical in such an environment.
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  • A heritage log home

    A heritage log home

    Built in 1930, using trees from the property.
  • Solid, majestic

    Solid, majestic

    …and still standing.
  • An Eco Lake

    An Eco Lake

    No motor boats.
  • Solarium on the lake

    Solarium on the lake

    Solarium on the lake Enjoy this tranquil space.
  • Leather and wood

    Leather and wood

    A rustic decor in the comfort of 21st century.
  • The Bridge to Serenity

    The Bridge to Serenity

    Cross into the land of serenity.
  • Refreshing River

    Refreshing River

    A little lunch by the river
  • Serenita


    In the middle of a field of 36 acres/146,000 square meters.
  • R&R


    Relax in the whirlpool.
  • By the waterfront

    By the waterfront

    Breakfast by the lake.
  • Peppe Le Pew

    Peppe Le Pew

    Beware of our visitor...he likes to visit us at night.
  • The

    The "look" of the Roaring Twenties

    All the walls of this heritage home are red pine.
  • A secret place

    A secret place

    The auberge is located 1 km from the main road.
  • A visitor

    A visitor

    The deer overcomes his fear and comes for a nibble.
  • Serenita, peaceful

    Serenita, peaceful

    Serenita honors health and a sensory experience.

  • Serenita, activities

    Serenita, activities

    Enjoy numerous outdoor activities.

  • Serenita, the sweet life

    Serenita, the sweet life

    Languorously installed at the edge of a lake surrounded by lush forest, Serenita.

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SERENITA offers you a quiet and relaxing space to connect with your inner self. Languidly set on the banks of a lake surrounded by lush forest, come and enjoy the experience of a private spa. We offer body treatments and a culinary experience that will make your trip a unique getaway. Enjoy many outdoor activities and rejuvenating bodywork. Our chef uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible. In our treatments, we use high-quality natural products. We encourage the use of environmentally friendly, fair trade and eco-products. Serenita is located in St-Alexis-des-Monts, in the enchanting setting of the beautiful Mauricie region.